Tips On Dragon City Cheats

Tips On Dragon City Cheats

With the help of the cheats/tricks players are able to get a better idea on how to build the imaginable strongest dragons. So here are a few tips.

    1. There are different element class and each dragon fits in the class. The elements that exist are sea, terra, nature, flame, war, pure, metal, electric, dark, legend, light.
    2. 2. There are several other classifications apart from elemental dragons make sure you have knowledge about all of them.


  1. If you are low on food then try to set lower times. Harvesting food will take loads of coins and times. The longer time you will spend harvesting the more finish cost. Choose such foods that will take little time to harvest such as dragon chilies and dragon balls in the situation of tight budgets.
  2. Yu can place dragons in several other habitats and start getting more gold each minute. Habitats are available so concentrate on different elements that will help in generating gold.
  3. There is different transformation and make sure you are aware about all of them.  Transformations include egg; in which dragon is still in the stage where it hasn’t hatched and is not aware of the world around. The second is the baby which is the cutest stage in the game. The coming teen where dreams are little difficult to handle and adult which is the final stage and you can have stronger attacks to win the battle in the game.
  4.  You can use the gems to buy an ultra breeding tree. Every time you will make to the next level you will be able to generate more gems.
  5. Know breeding methods; complete collection of books about dragons, earn dragons by earning and combat, sell hatching dragons to earn experience and gems.
  6. Check out different methods by which you can earn more and more gold in the game.


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